How Would You Deal with a Difficult Person?

A difficult person is someone who has a bad attitude. He or she could be arrogant, rude and self-centered.

Did you have any experience with him or her? How did you cope with the situation? Kindly cite your story on the comment box below.

Thank you in advance!

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  • Well for me such situation arises quite often and many a times it becomes inevitable to avoid them. Whenever I face such situation, first thing I do is to calm down. Let the person next to you be arrogant but you behave in extremely polite manner.
  • You have a point, Mishaikh! Sometimes, it's useless to tackle the issue (attitude) if you know there's no resolution. Thank you for sharing your views!

  • Hi, Burn!

    I'm sorry to hear that experience. Just stick to your goals about English learning and don't mind people who are wasting their time annoying other learners. Remember that if people treating you badly, its their way of showing their true colors not yours. :)

    Stay positive!


  • Glad to hear your knowledge about this topic, JoeyD! Thank you for sharing it here! :)

  • I agree with you, Mudaer! We wouldn't want to be like them. Thank you for sharing your views!

  • It's nice to hear that, Egoist! Thank you for commenting! 

  •  :) totally agree

  • Thumbs up for you, Mr.Burn!! Don't get a headache! Just ignore it. :))

    • Thanks a lot for your encouragement, dear Onee-chan! :)

  • Very good, Mishaikh! Just do a good job! :)

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