• Prepare a good enviroment so they can be theirselves. Use empathy e accept them without any kind of restrictions. If we all do this, they'll have a healthy emotional development.

  • One can't.  One can provide a good role model, teach the child or try to teach the child good morals and yet at the end of the day, it is up to that child.  I have known families that had good and bad children.  No difference in how or what was taught but completely different results.  A parent can only do their best.

  • Taaleem adeen alhaneef ya ustatha Sewar. Teaching good and nice manners. Thanks for sharing.

  • I always hear everywhere that education and manners taught at home is the most important but I believe it's not the only thing or not enough. Such parents, such sons doesn't always work.

  • Dear Maia, thank you for your comment about how can we make our children good. Your reply reflectes that you are well educated, however, don't you agree with me that if the child grows in an qualified environment he or she will be arisen good even if he or she at one stage of his or her life affected by different elements.


     Iam very convinced that the child like a building, If an engineer designs a sound and firms foundations, then the building will withstand all forces. So we are the engineers and our children are the buildings. When we do our efforts to improve our image infront of our children they will imitate us however the days months and years com between us.

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