• I was excited and a little stressful but it was OK for me cause i can't Retrieve any bad memory about that day :)

  • Its was awesome.. My colleague seem like a lion.. But my boss really like me,,, he says I'm so sexy,,, n my colleague going to jealous .. :)
  • I was bit nervous on my first day @ work
  • It was embarrassing 

  • lonely ,it was a long day.


    active , you have to improve youself


    nervous , dont want to make any mistakes


    thank you , Ihsan

  • For me it is always very stressful and emotional day. Everything is new. And also much depends on the collective. If they are friendly and welcoming, your first day can pass painless :)
    • Thanks for replying and you are right ,it is stressfull.
  • Usually first day is not a good experience. You don't know anybody and you are not familiar with the job yet. So, it's difficult.
    • Really true ,thanks for the contribution
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