• Like I already commented, BE CONTENDED (SABIR AUR SHAKIR).

  • Expectation lead to hurt, it is the base of sadness.. at-least we should not expect from others.. if we will not expect from other then we can live our life happy because we will not worry about the others that whether they will fulfill or not, now or in some time they will do that for me etc.. 

    now comes our luck.. we should be happy in what we have, and we should trust on God that what we have is good for us and what is not in our luck must be not good for us.. 

    so then we can live happy life..

    1. should not expect

    2. trust in Allah.


  • Niloo and other friends put good comments here, and I like to add mine,
    Being brave and strong is effective in feeling happy.

  • "Be patient and contended with what you have and do not miss what you do not have.
    Your life will become happy life."

    "Become a giver rather than taker. You will feel satisfied."

    It is what I have been doing and how I have been living for so many years but unfortunately I am still not happy. I am even very sad. Just because there is no universal way to find happiness. It depends on the personality and tastes of everyone. And mostly because the definition of happiness is precisely to be unreachable. Just because there is no happiness without unhappiness and that you cannot experience one without experiencing the other.

    So in order to find happiness I would just advice you to precisely not looking for it because the more you will run after it the more you will understand that you are light years away from touching it.
    • Julien! To some extend, I'm agree with you. BUT:

      you said "there is no happiness without unhappiness" but I think we cannot expect a life which is completely happy. I mean:

      It's impossible that a person has a happy life and this happiness becomes everlasting.

      Of course, there have been always good and bad moments in life and I think this is the darkness of bad moments that causes the shining of good moments.

      So, I think we shouldn't look for a universal way to find happiness, we should find it in ourselves as you said" it depends on the personality and tastes of everyone". And then we can transfer our own happiness to others. Maybe one of the ways can be this:

      "we can appreciate the happy moments in our lives and remember them when facing difficulties, so bad moments in this way can become less painful"


  • When the heart is pure,life is happy.
  • Thank you all for your comments.


  • They always say, happiness comes from within. So I think we should be happy and contented on what we already have and don't depend our happiness from others.

  • First of all,dont expect you will be happy all the time in life.Life is like a piano,where black keys are bad moments and white keys are happy moments but a good melody is always a combination of both.....Saints say happiness is within you try to find it though its a life long process.Happiness is subjective.If you ask me i would say a person who is spiritually enlightened will be the most happiest person. 

  • For a happy life do not think about the past and future. Live on present. And always keep smile in your face. That will make happy to others

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