The true meaning of life is to find your inner self. We all are running after the things that are not essential to us. A human being is surrounded by the distinguished feelings and emotions in whole his life. He tries to make his outer self and surroundings most convenient and comfortable to have a great life and can get anything he wants. But does it make you really ecstatic? Finding the inner peace within you is more important than anything else.

  1. What are the ways to improve and fulfill you from the inside??

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  • Easy... burning my skin reading a book on a beach,  visiting my dreaming landscapes, tasting fresh mojitos on a cruiseship...  oh wait, I must work too,   hmmm... there's a conflict of interests :/

  • wanna see my inner self?...

    when you are dead inside but want to brighten up other peoples lives -  Imgflip

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