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How to add a person to chat directly?

Here are 6 steps to do it, please according to the following instructions:

1. Click 'chat' button


2. Click'MyEc'3418511997?profile=RESIZE_710x


3. Select someone, then click it to visit her or his page.





4.Click the address area, then copy letters after members


 For example:
My page:
Copy "Sally621"

 5. Paste it in search block which is below Direct Messages, then you will find her or him.



6. Click her or his icon, then you can chat with her or him directly.


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  • There is just a problem. In step get the list of all EC members and not only the online ones.

    If you want to know who online is, you have to scroll down. That is very annoying. The same problem is when you look at your friend list. You don't see who of them is online.

  • Good post. But I think if you just start typing Sally in step 5 her name will come up automatically.

This reply was deleted.