How often do you visit EC?

It's an interesting question.  EC used to have literally hundreds of active users if not thousands.

How often do you visit?  Which features do you use?


I visit almost every day and use Chat, Blog, Photos, Discussions and Groups along with time to time posting something on Mypage.


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  • Very good Tim. keep your good attention helping other people in english learning here! All the good we do always returns!🍀🌷👏

  • Hello Tim, 

    You're right. EC used to have literally hundreds of active users. I see some active users start disappearing since this platform has some changes 2-3 years back. Also after covid-19, just guessing.

    Should we think about "how to call them back?" 😁 Or, we who are still active should write a lot here?😅 I'm trying to connect with some actually.

    Regarding your question,

    I visit here often, but I can't read or write here everyday. It's because I have a work with computer. I have to reduce seeing screen for my eyes.

    • IT seems many who visit EC never post anything.  I was hoping to get an idea of how many people used EC and how.  An example - this discussion has 31 views but only 4 posts (not counting my replies).

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    • and then there were 2

  • 8 views and no replies - my idea isn't panning out

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