Hello guys, 

I hope all of you having a nice day while you are here!

I want to add some points that helped me to reach this level of fluency in English (I don't know my level, yet, I feel comfortable to speak this language in a way that everybody can understand). 

So I started learning English long ago almost 3 years back, and I didn't start it seriously at that point, but I was following one of those ways that have been proved to be convenient ways to learn any language effortlessly. and the ways that I followed are known by all learners. 

Basically, I read books but the trick here is that: I wasn't reading any book in any genre instead I read what feel I want it to read, sometimes I'll go into reading for so long time  and other times I cut the reading after reading three words from the book, I mean I didn't push my self to read a lot, I didn't read consistently and persistently, to be honest, If I continued reading books consistently and persistently I would reach high level of fluency. 

Second why I followed was listening, at first I choose like some of those learnings English podcasts and I skipped them to listen to any podcasts that not related to learning. I listen to them from time to time not regularly too. but Imagine that you listen to native podcasts regularly, like every day and never skip, what would be the benefits from that! actually high level of fluency too. 

I argue you my friends and myself to follow these ways as long as you can consistently and persistently and you will find it easy to learn a language and have fun at the same time 

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  • Hi Rayan Abdulrrhman!

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and experience of learning English by yourself!

    I also tried to listen to podcasts, but I think that better to watch some TV series in English language!

    And also to listen to the songs in English language!

    Good luck!

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