Please tell us about MyEC Chat:

1. Do you use MyEC Chat?

2. How often?

3. How do you use it? General chatroom or one to one chat?

Tell us anything you like about MyEC Chat. You like it or hate it? It's good or bad? Useful or useless?

Thank you!

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  • 4. the one thing  i liked about latest version of MyEc Chat was option to be "Invisible".. 

    You know,  Judy G. said one truth:


    What a wise lady.. :)

    and what a respectable discoverer :))


  • How do I use MyEC Chat?

    Well, that's a very interesting question:
    Usually 1) I click on the MyEC chat avatar 2) I check that nobody is there, but maybe some tumbleweed rolling across the little MyEC chatroom desert 3) I hit the X (close) symbol.
    Aaaand that's all. More or less.

    Now, Do I think it's bad/useless or that due to my incredibly harsh review that might destabilise the established system the chat should be closed? 
    A big NO! I LOVE that useless chat; it's the reason I found MyEC and I don't wanna change the routine described above. I'm getting old for changing routines :P


  • What do you use most for the Chat Room? Desktop, notebook, tablet, phone?

  • 1. Yes

    2. About 5 times a week

    3. I use it as a general chat room, sometimes I go for one to one when someone don't like to disclose perosnal information or such things in public domain and vice versa. 

    I see tens of thousands of users and I know it through a few recommendations when I was in mapquest driving directions I appreciate it and will use it more often
  • Well , the old form of the chat was better for me . Now , I don't what is wrong with chatters whenever I entered into don't find anyone there to chat with . So , I get bored and log out from it .
    The chat room used to be active and many members were participating in it

  • 1.Yes

    2. Twice or thrice in a week.

    More than 75k members has joined Myec but don't know where are they hardly i can find 5 to 10 members at a time including new joiners.


  • As usual, Mr. Essberger your topics are always unique and controversial. Most of the time, I use my EC Chat and most of the time I get along with the newcomer or the new member.. Sometimes I send my greetings or my wishes through it. An amazing topic from a wonderful boss. Thanks for sharing.  

    • Lol Dara ! What nice greasing da boss , you deserve a good roasted turkey . hahaha

  • In the frist place, thanks for bringing here a very good discussion point about English Club. My answers are:

    1. Yes

    2. regularly

    3. I use it as a general chat room, sometimes I go for one to one when someone don't like to disclose perosnal information or such things in public domain and vice versa. 

    Surely,  I like this chatroom. It's good and useful.

    Back in the days, this chatroom was really buzzing off, learning and doing fun a lot here. People are not treating this chatroom these days like the way they used to . Though, the chatroom is not  as interesting as it was earlier, still I think that when someone like to share something they can share it here, at least, we got an option of sharing something enjoyable, at the sametime, we can seek information or stuffs like that or any kind of assistance here . And I also agree with Adriano, presence of teachers like T Mal or skillful English knowledgeable persons' like Paula or rysperski makes this room moving. 

  • Hi, Sir ; Shortly , The former chat  room  was easy and much better , rougly 50 or 60 chatters were chatting in same moment ,.1 ) .Personally  I visit t but no chat  2 ) I visit everyday but no chat due to some reasons  3) formerly , both of'em were great  .. No hate ,partially useful if you catch a good topic with some sophisticateed guys such as T Mal , J K , Paula and rysperski etc .. huh ..I thank you ..Regards 

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