Surely you've had this or similar situations in your daily life, if so, how big is your patient to deal with them?

- You're biking and suddenly you fall down, you see yourself bleeding with a terrible pain in your shoulder and dazed due to the impact, your friend behind you comes and asks "are you O.K.?" then you feel like answer 'oh.. sure, it's nothing I think it's just a broken bone but don't worry too much'

- You're placidly sleeping when someone opens your bedroom's door and gently asks "are you sleeping?" Wtf noo...!! I WAS sleeping but not just now.

- You're at the cinema's hall and one acquaintance comes and says 'Hey Piña! What're you doing here?' well the level of sarcasm in the answer depends on the level of trust you have with him so you can reply 'I wanted to watch last Amenabar's movie' but you can also say 'oh I just came to buy some fish for the dinner'

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  •        In fact it depends on; firstly, the relationship between the pearson who asked such quistions and me. Secondly, his or her age. At last but not leest, my mood at that moment. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂God bless you.

    • Agree Sewar, actually I had to bite my tongue many times  )

      Best wishes  ; )

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    • Hi AG... I'm so very much OK, thank you. I answer many times; screwed up but so content  :D

  • LOL, Estanis...your blog made me really laugh...cos I am one of those who do reply with a huge percentage of sarcasm to such questions..kinda..."I am waiting for a tram here... Don't you mind?

    And just a NotA does...I roll my eyes...heh.

    Happy Roll Eyes GIF - Happy RollEyes Baby GIFs

    • And another reactions,  first...


      and second...


    • hahahaha

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    • ...actually a wise reply. Thank you for dropping by :)

  • Hi, Estanis,
    I guess everybody considers different things as dumb... Your examples above wouldn't fall into that category for me, 'cause I find those things human. Sometimes we're perplexed, shocked, or just feel embarrassed or behave awkward... and then our brain doesn't work so great. ;) And when I would meet my crush unexpected at the movies... I could ask the same "dumb" question. :-DD

    Things that I really consider dumb I simply ignore to 95% of the time. I also answer with a great eye-rolling... and then I start to shake my head slightly... but that makes me already smile again. :-D 


    • Hi Not a clue, surely my examples are not valid as a malicious gossips or malevolent intentions that are what really mad at me, yeah most times are simple human reactions but sometimes aren't compatible with my low patient in that moment. Of course in some occasion I couldn't help even laughing. 

      Greeting back!

    • I agree with NotAClue :)

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