I actually only add people with whom I have had some level of communication which usually means we chat on the Chat.

Others seem to try and add everyone who joins EC.

Is there any real purpose in adding someone to your "Friends" on EC?  It allows you to see hidden profiles but is there any real value on today's EC?  

You can limit discussions to only EC Friends so I could see some circumstances where that might be of value.

Your thoughts?

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  • For today's EC, I approve all requests, but I don't get interested in adding as friend more.

    I don't make my profile private. So, I can interact with everyone. There are a lot of friends, a few friends I know are not so active anymore.

    So, my conclution is it's all the same. However, the ones I know and they are in my friends list, that is valuable.

    Thanks for the discussion, Tam.

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