How do you celebrate your birthday?

There are many ways to celebrate birthdays. Generally they have a party and which would by attended by family or friends by inviting them to eat together at a restaurant. Convenience as the availability of a birthday cake, and other delicious food, cards, candles and all that goes to celebrate. 


Far different from them, I celebrated my birthday, staying on the bed, cell phone in my hand and I sang a birthday song to myself, remembering past years I have passed. only that ...  no special celebration or ritual. with pleasant memoirs ...


How about you? please share with us here ... Big thanks :)



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  •     The birthday is a special day we're stay alone, join a friends, or with family, but I think that is more. It's a moment that shared with us as it's  meaning a trust learning. I personally try to review what we've done, look to the details a school staff is only a moment and if have more people around me will also be very good, it is; this is a special day.

    • A special surprise! unforgettable birthday! thanks!

    • All of us are born lucky ;) You are special in a special date and month, thanks for sharing Dewan. 

    • Thanks for sharing, Roberto Moreira de Lima. hope everything would be better :)

  • Hi Nadiyah, particularly I don't celebrate my birthday, others do it for me, I've never done such a thing  like a party or going out .Since some years ago I go to mass to celebrate with God his chance to have me here another year.
    • Hi Frank Alvarez,

      Lucky, you are surrounded by people who love you, happy birthday to you :) even though I do not know your birthday! being close and thanked to Him is something very special ... We are still given the opportunity to live with those we love, Life is so beautiful, thanks!

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    • Bravo to yourself, skyandhill ... :) It's a great way how we should close with ourselves, a way to not hate on self ... Congrats!
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    • Hi Adore, I will try this idea ... traveling alone is also a fun way to celebrate my birthday. I will ... It's a wonderful way from you :) Thanks!

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    • In my elementary school, I always have made a special card for my close friend, when her birthday and it was really touching and unforgettable. Thanks for sharing, Uran!
  • Nothing, Junko! Just expression :) thank you!
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