Everyone know there are 365 days in a year, right? Wrong! To be exact, there are 365.24219 days per year. But we can't have a day that's just over 5 hours 48 minutes, so long time ago "they" decided to slip in an "intercalary" day every four years (sort of). So that gave us a leap year every four years. And today is a leap day.

If it's your birthday today, let me wish you four extra special Happy Birthdays :)

How are you spending your leap day?

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  • Hello Mr. Josef,

    I spent this day like other ordinary days, however I realized something was little bit weird, when I saw a bride and a groom crossing the street, going to photo studio. Firstly, I was like omgg it is Monday, people here usually get married on Saturdays but then..... oppppsss I realized it was a leap day and they decided to make their life special and got married on this special day! At least they will save money for celebrating anniversaries :D
  • Today is a public holiday in South Korea (Independence Movement Day), and I just recently moved to Daegu for a new job after working in Geoje Island last year. So today is a day of resting after all the rushing around and getting documents like a new medical report (two copies obtained from the local hospital yesterday) and moving between towns. This is just as well because after this month, I have morning, evening and weekend lessons at my employer (a private language school) and afternoons five days a week at different public schools. Such fun! :D

  • Having a wonderful day in the garden today preparing for Baba marta tomorrow.

    Baba Marta is the oldest nationally celebrated pagan festival in Europe. In the Balkan region we wear red and white wrist bands, these we give as gifts to friends and loved ones. Baba Marta (Grandmother March) is a grumpy old woman who controls the destiny of spring. If she is happy the sunshine will arrive and the crops will soon grow, if she is angry the ice will remain and the crops will fail....

    We wear the wrist bands until we see our first stalk arrive home to breed in flight; we then tie them to blooming fruit trees to celebrate!

  • Good 29th February day! Well, today is monday, the begining of a week labor, so, my day will be working as a ordinary day.
  • Hello,

    I would also like to wish Happy Birthday to those born on the 29th of February. Nothing special for me today, but I wish to enjoy this extra day of the year! :) And I hope everyone enjoys it, too!

    So, have a GOOD DAY! 

  • So true, Sir Josef. It happens once per 4 years. Someone who was born on 29th February will celebrate his/her birthday once per 4 years. :D 

    To me, there's no special event or plan on this day. But, I always try to fill days, every day, with precious thing and smiles. 

    Happy Birthday to those who were born on February 29th. :)

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