• When we talk about dinosaurs, are we really talking about things that happened millions of years ago? If your answer is yes, then how do we know how they lived? I think our fatansies combined with certain discoveries make us imagine how they might have lived. Thus, history, though not always, is alsio created by our imaginations. Too me, they're related and I'll go as far as calling history an alternative fiction.


  •      History is the most mysterious and magnificent word in the world. Its mystery and magnificence is due to the amount of incidents that happened in the past. Despite that we didn’t witness that era, but we know a lot about it. All what we have from it, is just what we found in history books. Those books were written by people who were, sometimes, manipulated by their imaginations, their interests and their passions to analyze what has happened. Therefore, we can’t differentiate between false and true events.

         Apparently, history affects our present and possibly our future. In other words, it played a big role in forming our present with all its ideas, cultures, customs and our relationships, which all of that would be transformed to our generation.

          My friend, no one can deny that contrary to history is present. Which represent the truth, because it is always happening before our eyes. So, there is no questioning of its credibility.

         Finally, thanks a lot for this kind of brainstorm. God bless you and your family as well.

    • Mashoora ya Ustatha Sewar aala hatha alkalam aljameel. It is true. Everything you stated there is absolutely true. One thing is certain and that historians should supply true stories that happened in the past. Any false information could deceive the reader and he would feel that this history is not true or may be its characters are from mere imagination. 

      I am glad to see you nice analysis of your description concerning the blog. I want to apologize for the late reply. Don't forget to extend my regards to your respected family and friends. Thanks.

    • Tamam ya ustatha Sewar, I really enjoyed reading your nice comment. Thanks.

  • Man is able to make what is fiction today into reality in the future, creating history continuously. Hiunday already envisions a flying car for 2025. I read it last year!

    • Como voce esta Josi, Eu estous feliz. Yes, I have seen that kind of car which flies like an airplane. Thank you very much for you kind information. I really appreciate it. Once again. sorry for the late reply.

    • Ola Josi, muito obrigado. Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Reality is reality, 

    Fiction is merely a creation of our imagination, they both are different aspects. How could they be similar. 

    • Kiya haal hain Mishaikh sahib.? Bilkul sahih. Do they meet in certain circumstances? Thanks for your nice comment. Sorry for the late reply. 

    • Ake bahut bara farg, Mishaikh janab! I agree with you, but do they meet in certain points? Thanks for your straight answer. Sorry for the late reply!

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