• Mahadsinid Ayan Hussein! What are we here for? We will do our best to help you in enhancing your English learning. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks.

    • Thank you so much 

  • Hello, Ayan, I'm Adriano...Do not worry, I can help you...In a week You can improve your English, Firstly, read my blogs and try to leave your comments on... Thank you

    • Thank you I’m so happy hear that 

  • Hello Ayan, 

    Welcome to MyEC! 

    I hope u will achieve your goal soon. Wish you happy learning. :)

    • Thanks I will try best 

  • Hello everyone

    My name is mohamed saleem 

    Iam new here 

    Iam here because I want to improve my language 

    • Hello Mohammed Saleem, 

      Welcome to EC. 

      Wish you all the best for Improving your English language. 

  • Hello Ayan,

    Welcome to MyEC!

    Enjoy your stay here ... :)

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