Hi from Bulgaria

I'm a native English speaker living and teaching English in Bulgaria.

We're quite fortunate here as there haven't been very many cases of the virus, but businesses and schools have been severely affected by the quarantine.

 I enjoy cycling and swimming as well as constantly increasing my knowledge.

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  • Hi I'm Margarete, from Brazil. I'm a doctor here and like everyone I'm struggling not to be so stressed during this tough corona days. I wonder if you could chat by n English with me:)

  • Hii sir i want improve my english communication please help i want to learn seriously

  • Hi from Chile! Our situation is different, there are a lot of cases and the numbers are still increasing. Businesses and schools have been seriously affected as well, but I believe this is all for the better in the long run. I think life will not be the same after this pandemic, at least in our country. We are going into winter and the weather is getting colder, so going out is not always a possible option, but staying inside warm and comfortable, reading or watching series is not that bad, ha!

  • Hello. I am writing you from Germany. It is a veery good Idea not only stay at Home. Going outside und take other aktivity is ver good in this situation.

    • Oh hello, I'm from Germany too. You're right it's very important for your health that you go out in this time. But don't forget "social distancing" !

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