I found this topic and I thought that it could be a funny thing to share here with all the MyEC crowd!

Here it goes: 

You're on a date and can ONLY TALK about the LAST THING YOU GOOGLED.
So, What are you talkin' about? :P



(here a pic 'cause i know some of you only check the images (can't blame you, i do that too))


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  • I rarely use Google due to privacy concerns.  I tend to use DuckDuckGo BUT, changing the question to "the last thing you searched online" (rather than googled), it would be "best humor books"  and based on the search results it would be an easy topic to discuss and even a safe topic.  Here is one search result - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/blog/50-funniest-books-ever-written/

  • Nowhere is it indicated where they met, so this is a dishonest poll)) I would just be silent, smile and listen if it came to a stranger from a bar or from the street)) But if you met on a special resource, like this site, then you can talk about many things. I'm always looking for those who love anime.. You can talk about this for hours and my Google searches are also almost daily)

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  • Sleep paralysis. I'm a joy to be around.

    Burrito mode activate!

    burrito retsuko (@PKiller1st) / Twitter

    The girl in the pic looks bored outta her gourd.

  • Marrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!  (=^-^=)/

    last time I goggle about the drama series that I watched have a book or not.. lol


  • Yesterday I gooled about createnine level.....so, I am gonna talk about it.

    • Oh, nice, that's very interesting...


  • Okaaay, I'll start with this, geezz... ¬¬

    My last googled thing was in Goodreads, looking for the summary of some books. Making it simple, one is about weird people living in a big house and the other is about the Death.
    So I'd have a very interesting date talkin' about death and weird stuff. Which is just what a call a 'normal day' :P

    • Google or searched online?  Goodreads has its own search engine that isn't Google.  I use Goodreads also.

    • You should go to 'First Dates' T.V program  :D

      ...please don't forget to advise me. 

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