i m gonna  change my real name (mean in a real life ) ,,since some month looking for a suitable name but i found myself among the excessive many names ,honestly it is  so hard to decide ,i can barely determine the right one  .summary  i need ur help, waiting foward ur suggestions ,pls recommend me the most admirable name u know ,hope this discussion ii help me to find the relevant name



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  • that's cool! 

    • what is  cool?

    • Cool means `take it easy`..nothing so serious, good news etc.

  • FARAZ 

    blows a kiss ? hahahaha yup ,yup  a  good one ;) =D

    nope i 've not watched revelaed movie unfortunatelly

    10x u 4 da participation :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) 

  • 1) AAmira

    2) urfa 

    3) khansa

  • yup  this is  sooooooooo harder than i thought ))

  • fuzzy

    nope exactly , ummm dont wanna share here 

    in spare time ii tell u  ;) 

  • i thought the same =D

    fuzzy ))))))

    it is okk now ,likewise u know how serious i m in this  condition ;) 

    this is da not a joke ))

  • hey Fuzzy  dude

    for fun ? o.O

    r u kidding  with me  or  wanna  only  tease me ?

    which one ? lolzzzzz

    didnt  u  read above i wrote ????  

    oopssssssss :)))))))))

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