• Yes! Thank you Mishaikh! Actually the word gesture is new for me.. I thought maybe it's a synonymous word to sign but since I don't know that word it was difficult to guess it.. Thanks for help again! :)

  • No.. there is no "m" or "n" or "o" in the list of letters :(

    Thank you for trying :)

  • The word representing these 4 pics is GESTURE

  •     Mmmmm one words will be  "  moments  " :D

  • Hhhhh... One word describes all those picture.. One words please:)

  •     The man with the mic . Today is an important  victory  for us all " he is delivering a speech to the company  staff  . 

        The woman is the long sleeves T _ shirt is saying : come and enjoy our comfortable furniture  , we are able to make smile at first sight  . She is making an advertisement  for a magazine  or something  . 

    The other woman is saying : Hi to her family through Skype  or Facebook   . Because  she study abroad  

        The young man is surprising  his girl friend  with a flower bouquet and want to propose  to her sooner or later 

         If you want to describe it in another way just tell me 

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