Hello everybody!!

My name is Nickolas I'm from Brazil

I am 25 years old and I am learn English because I have a lot desire of traveling

to USA and because today learn English is practically obligatory for that you have professional sucessuful.

I hope to meet many peoples and make a lot friends.

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  • Hi Nickolas :-) Nice to meet you too:-) 

    I'm from Bangladesh and never been in Brazil:-)) But I heard from one of my friend that Brazil is a nice country. So I wish to visit there in future......:)))

    • Come really!! You will don't regret, the Brazil is a tropical country with many wolderfull beachs and have too the amazing forest Amazônia, that is the bigger forest of the whole world.

  • Hi Roman!!Nice to meet you!! I hope that we can be friends!!

  • Hi Nickolas!

    Welcome to MyEC!

    You are in the right place to improve y English and find new friends!

  • Hi One-Chan!! Nice to meet you!! Where are you from? Have you ever been in Brazil??

    • Hi again Nickolas,

      I'm from Indonesia, exactly behind your country, if we could travel through the earth. lol.kidding 

      No, I've never been there. There must be amazing places in Brazil. Would you tell us? 

      Nice to me you, too! :)

    • Good Morning Onee-chan, I said this because here is yet morning. I don't knew that Indonesia is exactly behind Brazil, lol, thanks for that.2394056392?profile=original

      Answering your question, the Brazil is a country tropical, with many beautiful beachs and rivers, with a big diversity foods, big comercials centers, people extremaly happy and receptive. Here in Brazil all is reason for party, we have the bigger carnaval party of the whole world,as well as, the bigger rock party too, the Rock in Rio.

      And I couldn't forgot the Amazônia, the bigger forest of the world, where I live currentilly.

      Thank you for your comment, as I see in the television the Indonesia is a Amazing country, would you like tell us more?

    • Hi Nickolas,

      I guess it is you in the picture. Woww! That's cool you hugged dolphin. lol

      Look! If this map is in globe, then my country is behind your country. lol (I mean the opposite time)


      It is evening. 08.45 p.m. here.

      Glad to know the people in Brazil are happy and receptive. Ohhhh, sure. I remember now, I know Amazon forest is the biggest forest. The lungs of earth. Wow! You live near there. That's great and very cool! 8)

      Well, as we are on the same latitude and on equator, it is also a tropical country. Not much different that yours. :) Have you ever heard Bali? Noo...There are many more beautiful places than that. One of them is Raja Ampat is the amazing place for diving.

      Here it is, picture taken from internet. :D


    • You are right! It's me in the picture, I took this picture in the black river in the Amazônia, we denominate the animal the "boto" it is like a dolphin but live in rivers of fresh water.

      Well, now I go include Raja Ampat in my list of places to travel, thanks ;D

  • Hi Oporazita!!! Thanks!! Nice to meet you!! I hope that can we be friends!! Where are you from? Have you ever been in Brazil?

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