Hello EC

I am Smile from India.I completed my graduation in my native language.so I am little affraid to speak in English. I am working in a corporate company since 4yrs where I have to speak in English. My writing skills are better then speaking. So I want to improve my oral skills.  I want a serious practice person to practice with me.  Pleas let me know  if you are interested.

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            • I am good Paul, you have very poor memory :p.

              I heard u speaking English :D

              • Damn, my memory is getting weak day by day xD Yeah now I remember too xD

    • Hey paulllll, 

      U did show up ha :) share your email or what's app and practice speaking n help smile out conquering her fear of speaking.

      Ain't you a boy ha ? Lol .... Just kidding. 

      • Hey Snr, Maybe I'm already done with sharing stuffs since I'm a boy lel

  • Hello smile, 

    Don't be afraid. Confidence is key to speaking and overcoming the fear of speaking in English. Join Skype group here in EC. Practice daily with people who are good at speaking. Practice speaking in front of mirror every day. 

    In case if u don't find any speaking partner record yourself listen to it and rectify your mistakes. Listen to podcasts listening improves your pronounciation. 

    Good luck. :) 

    • Thank you SNR.  I'll follow above tips while practicing 

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