Hello, guys! Nice to meet you all!

My name is Alex, I am from the capital of Ukraine - a beautiful city Kiev.

I am 30 years old, I have an amazing girlfriend, the smartest cat in the world and a smaaaall (as I say "nano") business.

I will be glad to make new friends here, to talk to each of you and to learn more about other cultures.

Welcome on my page, add me to your Skype, lets practice our English and have a lot of fun!

This is Kiev:

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  • HI ALEX,
    Oh, is this image of your city? Very good-looking.

  • oh gosh.. so many Ukrainians here. Glad to have you here Alex. Enjoy your second home in EC!

  • Hello, Svitlana!

    Nice to see people from the same city here! ) As far as I know, our capital is flourishing. )

    • I am from Odessa. :) Happy to know Kyiv is flourishing. 

      Good luck in your learning here, Alex! 

      • Sorry, my fault. ) How is Odessa now? ) Is it getting warmer and warmer? )

        • Odessa is doing very well. Thank you, Alex. It is getting warmer day by day. Now It is the great time. Everything is blooming around. Lovely spring. 

          • Glad to read it. The same is true for Kiev. May is coming - my friends and I are going to visit your beautiful city in the nearest future. )

            P.S. And thank you for your comment regarding my post about Ukraine.

            • My pleasure, Alex. Your blog about Ukraine is great. Short and true.

              Welcome to Odessa. Summer is the best time to visit this city. 

  • Hi Alex!

    Welcome to MyEC!

    You have chosen a great place to improve your English and find new friends!

    Good luck!

    • Roman, thank you a lot for your wishes! )

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