Head scratching

Why do we scratch our heads when we are confused or perplexed? Some people scratch the side of their noses. In class, when a student is asked about a question and he does not know the answer he begins to scratch his head. We do the same in difficult situations or difficult puzzles. Why do we do it? The brain is up there. Do we ask it to give us the answer or help us with that gesture?    

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      • Asante sana Mr. Mambo! Thanks for your nice words. 

    • Lol! How could you Mr. Mambo? Hahahaha. Thank you. 

  • I think we need a biologist 


    it happen to me sever times we Someone ask

  • Bahut shukriya Hiba! Dear Hiba, good evening. Remind me tomorrow to give you some exercises for your test. I was busy talking on the phone and answering some friends. Going back to your comment, I scratch my head sometimes. As Said Almogrbe said, it is an involuntary gesture. Thanks, Hiba for your comment.  

  • Gamza hamnida Hojin Jeong! That was correct, my friend. I do it myself. Awkward situations let me behave like that. I am very confident, thanks to Go, but silly jokes always meet us. I guess you are right about it. If we are confident, we will not make that gesture at all. Thanks, Hojin for your logical comment. 

  • good Question Many people are head scratching to give reply .

  • Ti tojcha Olga! Because you are kind too. We are friends. That is natural among friends, isn't that right, my respected lady? Nothing will happen if we become friends and try to do our best to ignore the mistakes of others as possible as that can be. Thanks, Olga for your kind words. I repeat you are a kind lady. 

  • Dobro bajolovat Olga! You are most welcome my lady. Those gestures can differ a little from one nation to another, as you mentioned in your nice intervention. They are common among many countries. Rubbing the nose could refer to lying or seeking some way out of a critical situation. Rosemary told me the same. She said that she was not familiar with these gestures and she had never used them before. I described her as a genius woman and described my friend, Mr. Darius as a genius man. Thanks, Olga for a very useful intervention.  

  • Naykaunglar Estherkim? Thanks for pressing the like button. Could I be one of your friends? Thanks.

  • Aabgariyah ya Rosemary, shookrun! You are genius my lady. You are absolutely different from the other respected members. I mean your comment is different. Although forgetfulness is trait of the geniuses.

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