I want to talk English but I think that's quite a difficult thing for me. I have no confidence of my oral English. And of course, my written English is not very good, too. 

But that's funny that I love English very much and want to improve my English very much. how to deal with this conflict? :(

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    • Thank you for your kind words and Yes, you are right!

      I think I'd bravely to speak English out! :) It might need some confidence.

  • Hello, Ashley!
    I would like to be friends and help you learn English!
    Contact me so we can set up skype appointments, or just chat on EnglishClub!


    • wow! nice picture! You are amazing! haha

      I am glad to meet you!

  • I feel like you Ashley, I'm always embarassed when i try to say few words in english...bur I want to improve it...it's too beautiful!
    • Yep, I feel the same way as you. Let's improve our English together! and try to talk more! :)

  • Hey there,

    want to improve oral english me too, please join me on skype with audio/video chat, both we can improve our english in funny way.

    • add me also sir


  • i experienced the same thing before too...its much easier to talk in english in written rather than in oral esp when ur not  a native english speaker. i still remember the first time i had a talk with someone over the yahoo mic, i ran out of words and i ended up listening to that someone the whole time coz i can't utter any words even i want to tell something coz i dont have the confidence to talk even i know what to say. but i get used to it as days goes by, just a constant talk to someone over the mic will help you practice your oral english communication. being active over the main will help you too boost your self confidence. :D

    • Full agree with you and thank you for sharing your experience.

      I am trying to talk more.:)

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