• Anti eejabiya  in shaa  Allah ya Ghada. Happy New year.

  • By being happy no matter what...

    Wish you all happy new year

    • Bonne anee mon ami! A lovely greeting from a gorgeous lady. Kadiatou Sow, I hope to be one of your friends.  Thanks for your nice comment comment . 

  • to focus on the most important things for me. 

    • Wa ana bihal hal ya Yousse! I want to concentrate on the most important things for me and my family too. Thanks for your comment and happy new year. 

  • To answer your question, I have tried to be more patient with myself for many years. Until now, I failed. So I still work on it and hope it will come true, one day. Hope dies last.

    If you want to know more about the things I want for the new year, you can read it here:


    For you and your family, dear Dara, my sincerest wishes. May the coming years be filled with health, love, and contentment, for all of you.
    Happy New Year 2020!

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    My New Year Wishes
    All I want  I want to be kind and I want to keep straight, I want to lose some kilos of weight. I want to have a happy life with my dears, as welI I…
    • Fohliches yar Rose Iris. Of course, we wish you and the members of the club a happy New year . Thanks for your nice wishes.  

      • Thanks, Dara. 

        By the way...I think you wanted to write Fröhliches Jahr...

        Just to tell you before our friend Adriano is going to tell

        Have a great day.

        • Danke feelmals Rose Iris! I really like to be corrected because both my German and Italian languages are very poor. I hardly say a word correctly. Thanks for that correction and I hope you do that whenever I make a mistake. In this way, I might get some improvement in the long run. Happy new year.

          • As you told me to correct the next correction:  Danke vielmals.

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