• Ahleen Maya Mata! Did you expect to see such a deadly virus? Certainly not. How could you? None of us could. It is very strange, I was expecting a catstrophy of some kind to happen. Maya, is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for your comment. 

  • In 2020 I think I should start being calmer, and gain energy to attend many goals that need a lot of work. I wish our country situation stabilizes and gives me the chance to 

    achieve them.

  • I should be more quickly in doing all things. LOL

    How about you, Sir?

    • Salamat tahun  baru  mod. Onee! I wish all the best for our polite and charming moderator. I am sure you would do that. As for me, I am planning for something great. I hope so. Happy new year to Onee Chan. 

  • Hmmmm.. well in my opinon we must focus on a change that can has huge healthy impact on ourselves and on society as a whole. So i will try to focus more on my tolerance level... :)


    • Naya sal mubarak ku, Rozina! I certainly agree with that impact on ourselves. We need it for a change. You know Rozina, they say, a shake of the milk can brng some butter. Thanks, my lady for your nice and happy new twenty twenty. 

  • I have a list of that... well hope i can do it..

    Happy New Year Dara Gino

    • Selamat tahun baru Fizzy! They say that there is nothing impossible under the sun. You could do it. Please, extend the greetings of the new year to your respected family and friends., Happy new year.

  • No resolutions for me anymore  :)

    Happy new year!

    • Felice ano nuevo! Happy New year to Mr. Estanis .

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