Happy father's Day!

6109921501?profile=RESIZE_584xWho was your father?   Who is your father? Who will be your father?

Was it important for you? Is it important for you? Will it be important for you?

How can we answer to these serious questions?

Father is considered to be the leader of the family and helps mother to cope with the family affairs and problems.He loves the members of his family and tries his best to have a happy family.He provides security and friendly atmosphere for everybody in the family. Everybody needs his presence and feesl sorry for his absence.He works hard every day for his wife and his children. He advises his children to become hard working and kindhearted people and he sometimes has to be strict to them if they do  something wrong or make a bad choice in their lives.This is the kind of father who loves and has compassionate on his family members.

This other kind of father is a mean hard -hearted person.He cannot show his love maybe because he has not taken it from his family.He is only interested about his dreams and goals and never listens to what his wife and children say.He doesn't discuss about anything but he only demands things to be done.He will  get bored if the situation in his family will not be as he prefers it to be.Everytime he repeats the same mistakes and then he is puzzled why his people stop talking to him or choose to stay away from him.

Either it's the first or the second type of father the families cannot live without him. Every time he will be missing.Some other times there will be a necessity to be replaced with a better person.

What are your memories of your father? What was the influence on your character and your lives?

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  • Dear Anastasia , You have touched a bad point for me "MY FATHER", I feel sad when I remind him,  My father was a big man, He died in a hospital after  a difficult surgery, in spite of this I have a good memories. thanks 

  • Hello, Anastasia, interesting topic... sadly my father was cold, unpredictable and brutal. - He was already very old when my parents took me in. So, one topic every day was World War II, and that I should be grateful, because when he was a child he was just eating raw potatoes. Also, all Polish people are lazy and thieves (...), and it's impossible that that many Jewish people had been killed (..). 

    He taught me to play chess with 8, to shoot with 11, to weld with 14, and also to repair my car... Although, I stopped listening after he taught me how to replace the carburetor. I've never actually got the opportunity to weld again. XD 

    The good thing having a father like this is when you get through painful incidents in life, and people offer you drugs to alleviate your pain, you can just smile and say: Gosh, THIS is nothing. And you mean it. Bad thing is you get a bit hard on yourself, so you have to learn to be nicer with yourself later in life. ;-) 

    During his last 6 months, when Alzheimer was increasing, his COPD and diabetes weren't treatable anymore, he was totally helpless. When he sometimes was crying like a five year old on my shoulder, telling me that people had stolen his things, and he was afraid of losing his mind, I tried to soothe him. - He is not missed in the least. 

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