Happy 2021


The most distinguished incident of twenty-twenty was the departure of famous people from our world.  The former French president, Valerie Giscard D'Estaing, The famous Argentinian football player, Diego Maradona, The former prime minister of Sudan,  Assadig Almahdi, and many others. Twenty-twenty was a year not like the years before. Of course, you know why?

Yes, because of Coronavirus, the deadly one. Thanks to God, the vaccine against it appeared at the end of it. Now, we are looking for twenty twenty-one. Do you think it might be different from it or pessimistic ideas are still controlling our thoughts? which is the first country that receives the new year, twenty twenty-one? Happy new year to My EC and to the rest of the world.


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  • Everybody want to return to normal. But i think that will take a time. Taking vaccine by all people of the world require a lot of time, next problem is economy. A lot of bussinesses were  closed and peoplewill be feel results of that. Unemployment, bankrupts. Im afraid about it.

    • Jeinki  An! I agree with you, things are not going to be the same. The virus is implementing its conditions and control over us. I guess we can find a way out. Wearing masks, cleaning our hands and faces, keep the distance. All the previous measurements plus the vaccine. Believe me, An, we will conquer it. I hope to be one of your friends and a happy new year. 

  • Happy New Year, Dara!

    • Shuba naba basha, Bet! Happy new year to the great lady and her family. Thanks again. 

  • Happy New Year with peace and health to you and your family!!

    • Feliz ano nuevo, Josi! Please, extend the greetings of the new year to your friends and the rest of the family. Thanks again for the good wishes. 

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    • Welcome, Clay! We will hope for the best in the new year. By the way, I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks again. Don't forget to extend my greetings of the new year to your friends and family. 

  • HI Dara! you are right, it has been an unusual year. But if we are writing now it is because we are alive. It has have good things too. Maybe we need to focus on positive things. I am sure that we have learned different things during this year. Anyway, as you said before we expect that the vaccines will be available for all countries and we can go to normal life soon. Happy New Year!

    • Janeth, feliz ano nuevo!  Thanks to God that we are alive. twenty-twenty was a difficult year for all of us. Let's hope that the new year will be different. Thanks, Janeth for your nice comment.

  • Happy new year cher Monsieur 

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