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My Name is Shimron Suarez. I am from Cebu, Philippines. 

I am 23 years of age and I am a graduate of Benedicto College with a Bachelor Of Arts in Communication degree. I have a two-year experience with being an online home based ESL teacher, well of course, jumping from one student to another or like from Chinese, to Koreans, and Vietnamese kids as well as adults. I also have one year experience of being a chat support agent, partly home based (with Tocoma Colon Cleansing products), and partly with Convergys Phils. Inc. (Now Consentrix). I even had experiences with graphic designing, logo designing and I am also a freelance author using the Wattpad App.

Such a lot of experiences right? But let us set that aside a little bit and talk about my hobbies. What I love the most and what I am most talented in is music (composed of singing, dancing, and playing different musical instruments). But some other hobbies of mine include being a BIGO host in the BIGO LIVE app, playing mobile legends, writing blogs and short stories, and etc. Recently, I just released my professional book entitled, " ShimmyBoi Productions Presents: ShimmyBoi's Book Of Life Lessons (Volume 1). It talks about depression crying, suicidal thoughts and how to stop, ease the pain, and lighten up the mood of a depressed soul.

I might have lots to share but I guess you will have no more time reading all the things I have just written in here tho. So yeah, I guess that is it for now.

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  • It sounds great, Shimron Suarez. I am looking forward to reading your sharing more :)


  • Welcome to ec shimron, looking forward to reading your blogs bere in EC. :)

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