Garbage thoughts...

1. No doubts honesty pays, but lying brings more satisfactions. Why?

2. If there are two islands in this world. First Island exists with one man and 99 women. Second Island exists with 99 men and 1 woman. What will happen after 10 years when they get to know each others? Social factors are same like our earth.

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  • Choice 1. in best of all worlds---

    I think that you will have the beginnings of tourism, immigration and then overpopulation.

    Choice 2. maybe more realistic--- You may have the first war.

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    • Hmmm... Humans are impossible to understand, where they turns no one can predict.... but like earth we are still searching for another planet to live. Think, still not found another island.

      Thank you Aisha.. :)

    • @Ha Ngyuyen

      1. Very touching story, I like it and I can see that you have so many colours in your picture, it means you are full of colours in your life. ^.^

      2. Well, I think it shows value of a Man and a Value of Woman. :) Think this way!

      Thank you so much :)

  • 1. A lie has short legs, and the satisfaction it might bring, won't last; I personally believe that a lie can bring dissatisfaction- it might requires more lies to maintain a fake situation which was created by the first one, and a person who lie can lose for ever the trust of other people.

    2. They met only after 10 years?! What kind of social factors are you talking? :)

    3. Nice Garbage thoughts :)

    • @viviana

      1. I like this yellow smiling ball that standing over the sand and showing the ocean behind furthermore assuming that you have happy, smiling, cheering face and your emotions are free flowing like the wave of ocean.

      2. Count that how rapidly population increasing in this world. :)

      3. Thank you! ^.^ 

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    • You are so soft heart Carole. Please never lie with me ... ^.^

  • Still no comment...

    Well, I'm here..First one to comment. :)

    OK..for the no. 1 question. "It is satisfying to lie"..Hmm, guess it's not. Usually, I feel nervous. But I'm not saying I don't lie. I lie when it is needed. I'm not perfect. But to avoid to lie I will not lie. But not for satisfying for anything. I lie when needed for the situation. For example, when someone asks how old are you? It depends on my intuition, mood, and judgement on that day..LOL! I don't know what I'm trying to point out here..hehehe just want to comment. :)

    Question 2..I answered it already.

    • Thank you Mayumi,

      Yes, when you lie your heart beat changes and it makes you feel nervous.

      Geez! please answer Question 2 as well :P I know it was funny. let world knows this :))

      Thanks once again Mayumi for taking part in this discussion...

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