Gabriel and Israfel

Archangel Gabriel is known as the angel of announcement ,he plays a significant role in all holy religions as a messenger of God.. Our  pronunciation teacher Gabriel also carry his messages as pronunciation of the day (The last one was 144 ) and he invates the new members to his group...That's really a good work to help people ...But, everyday we have been reading and repeating his interesting and difficult words...Sometimes I thank God he is GABRIEL , If he were ISRAFEL he would blow his trumpet 24-hours on our heads....Thanks God,  he is not !!!...

because of this reason ; My request from Gabriel is ,to explain the pronunciations of the words shown down ;

1) scylun      2) uundragihuqe    3) heofenum    4) gyltas     5 ) geholgod


Thank you.


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  • Before we discuss their pronunciation, could you please explain the meaning and provenance of these words:

    1) scylun

    2) uundragihuqe

    3) heofenum

    4) gyltas

    5 ) geholgod

    Thank you

    • 1) scylun/scylon     = shall    -  uundragihuqe = wonder  -  heofenum/heofonum = heaven   - geholgod/ gehalgod = hollowed   -  gyltas = trespass     

      2) sources  : The Lord's pray in Old English  and Caedman's Hymn  .

      3 )  Those 5 words are Very Old English. A 7th Century poem generally considered to be the oldest surviving work of English Literature.....

      After my detailed explanation , I bet, Mr Gabriel  can pronunciation those words  easly .

      Thank you ,

      • hollowed or hallowed?

        • hallowed...... Sir ,   sorry

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