• Indeed in our modern life very hard to find faithful and true friends. I think we must be very carefull in a choice. Then to not be "excruciatingly painful"  Friends are born, not made!
  • True and sincere friends stick like brothers.  Some secrets are meant to be kept even from your friend.  To have someone whom you are comfortable with and whom you can share stories without getting judged is truly a blessing.  I am experiencing that blessing now.  Our friendship have stood the test of time.  


    Hope you can find one, too Sam!  If you find him, it's like owning the biggest and most precious pearl in the world.  Okay, I know I am exaggerating everything here.....To simplify, lucky are you to find such a friend. 

  • but the Story showes the 3rd person is the right person ,

    The old man used the same method with the third statue. He kept pushing the thread into its ear. But the thread didn’t come out from anywhere. The old man kept pushing the thread until it finished. “This is the most trustworthy person. You can share anything with him. He is true friend of yours,” concluded the old man.

    actually here it is about Trust, friendship,secert, even if it one word you better find the person , being lonley in life i dont think so this is possible .

  • That is also not possible to keep your things ( secert ) in your heart . somethimes you want it to share with your friend or sombody you trust , Is'nt
  • I am agree with you Sweet sandra , nowdays it is hard to find



    GoOd LuCk

  • I know it is hard to belive or trust , i hope you find the best  perosn as a friend in your life to show you the friendship ways ,


    GoOd LuCk Anah

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