Flowers / Roses

Is there any difference between flowers and roses?

Can flowers mean roses?

Are roses flowers?

I noticed that most people prefer the red roses.

Do flowers and roses have a good smell?

Why do people present them during different occasions?

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  • Maraming salamat Glenn Field! Bakit February? I agree with you my dear new friend. Thanks for your nice comment on that topic.

  • Rose is a kind flower. Because, there are many different kinds of flower, One of this is Rose.
    It is present in some occasion. Usually February. It signifies to the person how much you love him/her.

  • Bahut bahut shukriya MD Abbace! Lekin main nahi deka kala gulaab. I really appreciate your nice explanation about that topic. Thanks again. 

  • In a sense, there is no difference between a rose and a flower because a rose is a type of flower. ... All roses are flowers, but not all flowers are roses.

  • Bahut shukriya Eman, lekin aap deka kala rose? Have you seen a black rose, like the one Mr. Mishaikh sent me before? I really appreciate your nice comment. Thanks.

  • Assalamu alaikum Valentino. You mean they do not exist in real life. What about that rose which was sent by Mr. Mishaikh? I hope to be one of your friends. Can you add me? Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • Image result for black roses

    Here is one for you.

  • love black roses... i wish they really exciste ....

  • Khuda ki kasam, main nahi pata, paihili. Bahut shukriya. This is good information for me, Musa Khan. I did not know about it. I noticed that on Television. People put flowers or roses on graves or over the coffins of dead people. I noticed during visiting sick people, they also present roses to them. Thank Musa for your valuable information.

    • Dara an Advice.

      Swearing to God (khudi ki qasam) frequently in general speaking is not taken as good sign in culture. (At least in our culture, but you do find some people doing so, but it is any was is considered uncultured).

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