Flowers / Roses

Is there any difference between flowers and roses?

Can flowers mean roses?

Are roses flowers?

I noticed that most people prefer the red roses.

Do flowers and roses have a good smell?

Why do people present them during different occasions?

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    • Ap janta Msihaikh mera zaban acha nahi hain. Main taaleem karega. doosri dafa main nahi karega eyesa. I will try to avoid it as possible as I can. I just wanted to tell Mr. Musa that I truly, did not know about his information. Thanks for that valuable advice from the great blogger. I wanted to tell him that I had never seen a black rose, but now you have shown it here for more of my information. Thanks again for the advice and the photo, too.

  • Donnobad Bet. I noticed that the ladies know much about flowers and roses. We are men, we do not know that much like the ladies especially about their fragrance and smell. I like the jasmine and its good smell. Thanks, Bet for this nice comment. 

  • when it comes to the topic of roses, i would like to say about it. people from across the countries either their belief or faith it may be in different way but all of religious people use roses, and petal of roses at the time of marriages and death ceremony. people use in both reason, that is why roses prefer in many ways. 

  • Udevetilin Pepe! I have never seen a black rose. By the way, is it available anywhere? One more thing, are there cheap roses and expensive ones? I have no idea about that. I told some of my friends that I am afraid of red roses. Thanks Pepe for your nice and analytic comment.

  • Rose is a kind of flower, so all flowers can not be rose! Roses smell fantastic on the contrary some flowers smell good, some not even some flowers have no scent at all!

  • Khuda ki kasam main nahi pata, lekin eyesa. Aap mera dost, isli main tumara koment manta. Thanks for your nice comment on that discussion, Flowers and Roses. 

  • Yokoso Tam! I am afraid of their thorn too. They smell good and my wife likes them a lot. I really appreciate your comment. Thanks, Tam.

  • I like all kind of flowers yes this fact that Roses are kings of flowers. i have question Dara what is the main purpose of these question?  

  • Danyavaad Zohra Lauren, lekin sub sei paihili, main tum ku dost manta, mumkin? Who doesn't agree with Mr. Mishaihk? It is true that roses are presented in different occasions. I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • I like flowers but roses aren't special for me, they are one of flowers for me. I like foliage plant and the smell of lavender. Roses are actually beautiful but have thorns.

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