My friends. I always think of this, some of us know each other for years and we haven't met in real life. How can I see my friends in reality?

What do you think of a gathering/ meeting/ party or a forum participating that will make us gather in one place in a specific time. Do you think it can be happened? if not what are the difficulties that block this from existing?

Imagine with me: you have received an e-mail from the owner of this website Mr. Josef, that he invites you to attend MyEC party ( meeting day) on July in London. You only need to make your visa and buy a ticket to London. It is a one day gathering where you can meet lots of your friends.

Would you accept the invitation?

I would accept it. If you do as well, then you have to be Okay with a big dinosaur who will shake your hand giving you a nice teethy smile ( Me) hahaha I got you! It’s a joke!

I need your point view to make this thing see the light ( happening ).

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  • i-am-a-social-vegan-i-avoid-meet-women-s-t-shirts-women-s-t-shirt-by-american-apparel.jpg?width=300

  • Well, why not :) we can make it. Nice idea Karenina! My friend Thanks for this :)


  • Spring! Cool, you are in :)

    You will can. Best wishes.

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    • Natalia, Rich people in MyEC must give money to make this event happen! don't you think so?

      So we can make a donation box for this. Let be optimistic :)

  • Great idea I wish the meeting would be held in Thailand : )

    • Narendra, Thailand seems nice place. Not expensive at all. But we have to pick the right season!

  • My problem would be to find a donator for myself. You know we girls need to shop before the party, and it is London, of course we have to shop there too! Tickets are expensive. What else?....... I think I would have to buy lots of gifts to EC friends (I would be forced!!)......yeah.... It is lots of money! hahaha :D

    Just joking!

    That's a great idea! I will attend the party!

    • Yasemin, That will be great to have you in the party. But better take care of your money! lol

      Just give me another country that might be less expensive in your point view.

      How about the moon? Lol

  • ohhh, I really like it, but I'm still young, My Mom won't agree...What's? go with

    • Mitran,

      You still young its OK, but what if we do this every year? you would have the chance to go when you grow up older, Offcourse without your mom :))

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