Dear members of MyEC. Would you like to take part in a new challenge?

I would ask you to create a suitable headline for each image you see below.

In a week I'll tell you which one I liked best.

I wish you all a lot of fun!


Here you go!

Picture 1



Picture 2





Picture 4


The source of the pics:


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  • Hello Rose,

    Greta idea!! :)

    Let me try...

    1. This will do

    2. Don't move

    3. Surrender

    4. My dream come true

    Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the winner. :)


    1. Great Idea

    2. Take Back Time

    3. Hesitant

    4. Flying without Wings

  • Thanks a lot for this interesting challenge!

    • It was my pleasure, dear Bet.


  • First of all, my apology to all of the participants of this challenge for being late.

    Now, I want to present to you the winners. I've chosen two winners for each Picture.

    It was quite difficult to decide because all of the headlines have a special charm.

    Here you go!

    Picture 1:

    AugustinaRevenge for a seized driving license.

    Bossona:    When the pension is reduced.

    Picture 2:

    Shaheen:    A shackle in the time machine!

    Bet:             Modern Cendralera trying to fix the time

    Picture 3:

    Rosemary:   Dead end

    An:             The edge of the World

    Picture 4:

    Estanis:       Next step of Ryan Air. (Coming soon)

    Kate:         Who said that a person born to crawl can't fly?

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    •  Dear Rose Iris, thank you for the great challenge! Congratulations to all winners!

    • I have to say thanks to all participants who have been taken part in this challenge. Reading all the interesting and different headlines was a pleasure. Augustina. 

    • woow thank you soo much ))

    • My pleasure, dear Bossona. I have to say thanks to all participants if this challenge.. 

    • Thank you.

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