FIFA! Who is the winner?


Who is going to win the world cup for this year 2022?

The teams are at the same level, and football is not like before. 

Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, and some countries used to be the first nominee for it.

Things are different now.. I am in a hole. I cannot tell who is going to win. 

Could it be Holand or Poland? The African teams are doing good but,,,,,

I still do not know who is going to be the winner. 

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  • This reply was deleted.
    • Merci beaucoup Bossona, moi aussi. Morocco reached the quarter final. This is consider an enormous achievment. Thanks for your nice feeling. Bossona, is it possible to be one of friends? Thanks.

  • How about Portugal n Argentina for final? :))

    However, Marocco n Croatia could be counted also for final. 😎

    I don't know... This will be the most interesting to see.

    • Wow wow mod. Onee, prediksi kamu bagus Onee. Half of your predictions came true. The duel was between Kylian and Leonel. The latter did his best and his final efforts to reach that goal. He knew that the next world cup, he wouldn't be there.  Thanks mod. Onee for your kind comment and congratulations to Messi and his colleagues. 

    • I think so!

      This World Cup has been surprising cause of this. I'd like Croatia or Marocco win the game, it would be something diffent than usual.



    • Hello Matheus, thanks for your nice comment. We were beaten by Croatia 2/1. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks.

    • Yes.. Croatia is the the runner up in WC 2018.

      Both Croatia and Marocco have ever met in group match, and the score is 0:0. Both have never been defeated in this WC 2022. So, It will be unpredictably interesting if they reach the final.

    • Maafkan mod. Onee, Croatia beat us 2/1. We were denied the podium. But those Atlas lions will be remembered for a long time. History will  register their names. They are the first Arab African country to reach the quarter final. Thanks mod. Onee for your nice comment and I am sorry for the late reply.

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