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  • Hey! Good word!

    I usually consider 13 my lucky number when I need one.

    Anyway, I consider us humans  very naïve. Do we really think that an abstract concept "created" by us is more dangerous than other abstract concepts such as 12 or 14? I mean, we've achieved so much in technology and science but we still fear a number. Such funny guys.

  • So, this is mainly about hotel's fear of number 13. :D

    Thank you for sharing your experience, Mr.Robinoz. Nice to see you again. :)

  • Although it is an irrational fear, some hotels I have been to do not have a room number 13 and one I went to in Hong Kong didn't have a 13th floor.

  • I was afraid of this number when I was a child.

    It could be scary, unlucky, or just bad. But then, I laughed realizing that...."What number can do to us?" lol....

    Thank you for your great discussion, Mishaikh. :)

  • Thanks Rose.

    Interesting article, very informative.


    @kanimozhi          Very well explained. Thanks.

  • I don't know some of them believe these stupid things instead of believing themselves. I don't mind it's just a number nothing can happen for us.Suppose who are born on 13 of some months are they have to kill themselves? because of this number.

  • In our custom, we prefer number 8 and fear of number 4. But for me, it'd better avoid these 2 numbers, 4 & 13 ☺️☺️
  • There is no such thing fearing of any number.  It is superstition.   

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