• Honestly, I believe that this is not true. My mother very often met with number 13. This was the address, the number of the store in which she worked, etc. And in her life everything is pretty good and calm.

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  • Janeth
    Very well commented/explained. Thanks.
  • From my point of view this number (13) is just another number like everyone else. When I was at school my number of the list was 13 and nothing bad happened to me. When I have travelled by bus or airplane I have taken this number and I have had a pleasent trip. I think that the attitude is extremely important, if you think bad things will happen to you maybe that is going to happen to you. But if you look at the bright side and think about great things that can happen to you, maybe number 13 in not bad at all!!!
  • Deep.

  • @bet

    No one should.

  • Misha....I have taken this number as 3 + 1=4 ...I am not afraid of it!

  • Haha. True, dear Mishaikh. But anyway the number 13 scares people. They prefer not to mention it if it is possible. 

  • Yes Lana it does look wierd. In multi storey buildings' lifts you will find no 13 floor. Instead they jump to 14. I don't understand it is like simply calling 13 as 14, because a 13th floor must be in that building because without that how can there be 14 and othe above floors.
  • Hello, Mishaikh.
    You know it's true that people are afraid of the number 13. A few days ago I noticed that there was no a row with the number 13 in a plane. It looks weird, doesn't it?
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