• hi
    well there is many places which i like to visit but i like to go space and have a look at earth from te near point.

    • Haha.. Yes, must be a good place to visit.
    • Hi Jan & Estanis,

      I refuse to go to space even if it is free because I am very afraid of darkness.

    • hi saba

      you can take flashlight :)

    • Hi Jan,

      A torch has not enough light, I like sun light.

    • i like too

  • Hi Sana,

    If I can have a free travel, I prefer to visit South Africa , but If I have to travel with my money, I go nowhere.

    • Come on Saba, don't be stingy! Travelling is good know new places, meet new people and change your routine :)
    • Hi Estanis,

      Yes, You are right, traveling is very good, but I have some aims to fulfill first, then I will go traveling.

    • me too

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