• Gracias Estanis! You like that answer from Mr. Estanis, aren't you Ella?

    • Pingo! Exactemente senior Estanis! You have really done it. Our respected lady, Bottle answered the first sentence and I tried to pursue other members to follow but they did not pay any attention to what I said. No wonder, the speaker was Mr. Estanis. 

      • Bingo then. I was sure you didn't know the answer yourself, Mr. Dara )) hh. Congrats now.

        • Spasibo Olga! Send me the friend request. I am changing pingo to bing. I will wait for it. Thanks for your correction. If you have noticed, one or two of the members got the first sentence, but could not get the second one. Thanks again Olga.

          • But you have already sent it....want one more? )))

  • "GOOD LUCK!" :)

    • Terima kasih banyak mod. Onee Chan! I have just been telling Loma about it. One member mentioned the first one. Believe me, you use it yourself and it is very dear to you. I think now everything is clear. Thanks again for being so honest. 

  • No I havent ..would like to tell us plx?

    • Thanks, Loma, Fizzy asked me about the clues a week ago. I said one of the course are mentioned by one of the commentators. Thanks again for commenting. 

      • u are most welcome sir

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