• Mumnoon Zahra, thanks for pressing the like button. I really hope to be one of your friends. Thanks again. 

  • Hmm.. two famous sentences: 

    1. Hope to be your friend

    2. Add me, pls 


    • Lol! Dear Ella, on  My EC website and especially on my page, they are the most famous ones. I really want to grab this opportunity again and ask you to add me to the list of your friends. Is this possible? Thanks for your smart comment. 

      • Ofc its possible !!  Seems,you forgot our deal.. after you publish here your dance for ella , i will accept you to be in my friend list as long as i am here : )

  • I am confused by this conversation.  Is there a correct answer to this question?  And, if so, what is it?  Could you also tell us the source for your information, please?

    • Bev Anne, look at people, how many people say ( I love you) every day?  The phrase (made in China) how often did you hear it?  I love you for adding me and I am now one of your friends. Thanks again. 

    • Thanks, Bev, please, add me 

  • I love you  //  Made in China

    Sure... none of these come with guarantees.

    • Estoy de aquerdo contigo, senior Estanis! Guarantee was the missing word regarding them. I really congratulate you for solving bringing those two famous sentences. No wonder, the speaker was Estanis. Thanks again. 

    • 👍

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