• I think one of the sentences must be the question "How are you?"  We use it as a greeting all the time.


    • Quite right Bev Anne! One of the sentences had been mentioned by one of the commentators. You like this sentence a lot. As a matter of fact, we all like it. I think by now one or two of the members can get it out. 

    • Perhaps the other sentence would be the typical response to the first one, "Fine, thank you".


    • Good morning Bev Anne. I go with you. ( I am fine, thanks) is very famous but there is another one which is  more famous than that. By the way, I really hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your nice try. 

  • it must be:

    -"have a good day" & "see you later".

    infer. any way i am ready arguing until sunset that it is a correct answer.

    My respects.


    • Spasibo Winnie The Pooh! It is true, we use your sentence very often. notice, . 'have a nice day' can be said during the day. It was a good try. Thanks for your kind comment. 

    • Thx for rply 

    • Welcome Loma! Please, add me.

  • IDK 😐

    • Mumnoon Muhammad! One of the commentators gave the first sentence. That's all  I can say. Thanks. 

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