Recently my country's government made a first step for legalizing this controversial law. The ones who promote this law state that dying is unavoidable but suffering shouldn't be and that it hasn't to do with murder or crime., for or against?


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  • "Simpsons did it!"

    • Hehe... The Simpsons, the parody of a USA middle class family, I grew with them and by the way I remember this chapter :D Who hasn't felt identified with them some time!? They've touched on all the topics!

  • Against!! 

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    Hi there

    Sick people who cannot bear physical pain and ask a physician  to end their lives do not differ from people who are mentally ill, suffering from depression and commit suiside. Both of them are ill and cannot bear hard conditions, and both of them need a psychiaatrist to relieve pain.

    One argument against euthanasia has been that good palliative care should control symptoms, including pain and depression, and therefore people who consider ending their lives may change their minds when symptoms are properly controlled. Another argument is that euthanasia prevents improving medical science and trating certain diseases.

    At the end, those who think euthanasia can hinder painful death is better to be active in prohabition of chemical weapons because these weapons kill people who like to live very painfully and terriblly.


    • Hi Saba,

      I,m glad to see you here and reading your reasoning.  Grateful :)

      By the way, agree with your argument about proper palliative care.

  • Sigh...Such a difficult thing...  still mourning... I wondered many times about it ...  Thought  how my heart could break in thousand pieces if  dear of mine  would  chose  euthanasia, as  my selfish ego  wants,  actually wanted  to hold hands,  each second being of great value,  to try everything  and when there is nothing more I can do to help I'd  still want  them alive, but  in the final time,  to  be heart broken again  into million pieces by the quilt  and wonders if prolonging  sufferings were necessary. But then again, no matter how low may fall  the quality of life , people can still find ways to enjoy life.   I still don't know if I could vote for euthanasia but I would also find it hard to vote contra.  Prefer to abstain. 

    • That's it Helen, difficult choice. Thank you for your reply.

  • I dont think we do that here.. 

    • Thankss Fizzy,  nice seeing you around  :p

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