Recently my country's government made a first step for legalizing this controversial law. The ones who promote this law state that dying is unavoidable but suffering shouldn't be and that it hasn't to do with murder or crime., for or against?


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  • Oh, oh, tough topic... so in one way they keep people alive with all the medications, surgeries, and even giving them "new" kidneys, blood, etc... most people would have died a long time ago... but then it happens that people become so helpless, they can't even commit suicide, and are dependable on doctors to alleviate them from their pain. I think there can't be just a law regulate this for good. It can be misused easily that happend in the past already... 

    But I remember when my mother wanted to die... after 4 heart surgeries, and 4 hours blood purification on 4 days a week over 6 years, and some other horrible things... She simply couldn't take the pain anymore. Who am I to tell her NO?

    • So sorry Nanny,  I just can't imagine what's coming in mind in such situations. Some say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger but Events like these could mark for life. Same thoughts. 

    • Estanis, the worst thing was for me to see her suffering every day. Because she decided to refuse the blood purification for 5 weeks she was freed from everything. What a painful death, so this law might helped her a lot. But who knows... :'(  :'(

    • It's easy to say one's against this law but when you hear of sort of close cases then one think it twice. Sorry again for recalling such memories. (

  • Que polomica discusion, senior Estanis. Hot topics can hardly wait. Who is the owner of that topic? Is it Mr. Estanis? Then, no wonder. Thanks for sharing.

    • Polémico sí.  Perhaps I like controversial stuffs )

  •         There are major sins in Islam. Euthanasia is one of them. That is due to our strong belief that only God  has the right to end someone’s life because he is our creator. God bless you.   

    • Hello Sewar and thank you for your reply,  actually you answered just a few days this law was approved. Our gov. seems not wanting to do with religions or traditions.   God bless )

  • Can't make the damn video size smaller.

    "Annoyed GRUNT!"

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