Etiquette and rules of eating:


Eating food has its rules and etiquette. We must abide by those rules, not only to appear in a suitable social way, but to avoid bothering others by the noise and the scenes that might cause their disgust. For instance, how do we eat pizza if it is mixed with plenty of sauce? Do we have to use our hands or a fork and a knife? What about fish?

Take the soup as an appetizer, how can we use spoons to have it? Do I have to bend myself towards the plate or raise the spoon high? Raising the spoon high to the level of my mouth can cause drops of the soup on my cloth or on the table. What about that sound occurring while using the spoon to drink or swallow the soup? Some people make a noise while having their appetizers. Is that acceptable?

Let’s go to desserts: For ice cream, is there any proper way to eat or rather lick it? For semi liquid confectionery, do we have to take it by the hand or by the spoons? There are different types of food. If the members remember others, please, be kind to show us. So that we can have an idea about the best ways and behaviors to have our food in a decent way.

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  • Well, it depends on cultures of each country.

    • Xin chao Dan Vi. First, sorry for the late reply. The matter depends on the culture and the traditions of the people . I agree with you.  Mr. Tam on his first comment, sent us a link. It was quite interesting.  see it please . Thanks, Dan for your nice comment and happy New year . 

  • Hello Gino, this is a very important topic: first of all we always have to read the menu and then if we don't agree something we have to tell it and also why we don't agree is to be indicated. 

    For example, I can't eat nothing that is done in anyway because for my healt this is bad. For appetizers it depends of the type of it: sometimes I use my hands and no forks, knives, spoons, etc. Sometimes I have to use something as described from you: it can be a fork, a knife or a spoon..... For the desserts sometimes I eat something without any use of nothing, sometimes I could need a spoon, a knife, a fork ..... Not all foods require the same silverwares, so we have to be much more careful when we eat something that needs something different....

    People sometimes make a very unacceptable noise for nothing that could be applied here and for foolish things they're able to make a mountain but when difficulties arise to some more relevant, they're silent or don't tell nothing because they don't are able to distinguish a very important topic from another made only of foolish things...

    You're one of my best friends and you're in right to say that there are different kinds of food and if other members aren't kind with us, the best thing to do is to avoid all the argument and stay silent. Actions speak louder than words, do you agree with me? See you soon on EnglishClub!!



    • Grazie Favola, thanks for your nice and supporting feelings. Actions speak louder than words, do you agree with me?  As you mentioned in your interesting comment .

      The problem, Favola, you  can't give the other cheek foŕever.  You have to defend yourself from time to time .Fortunately, we have the sincere good guys like you Favola. I really appreciate your efforts in reading and  commenting.Thank you.

  • For fork and knife the food must be dry and fried I mean without curry, whereas our most of eastern food are with curry, like qorma, which we eat with bread (roti) or tandoori naan, so fork and knife will be of no use.  Similarly for broast chicken (big pieces), you can't use fork and knife, or if do use, you will have to use your hand for the remaining chunks. Any way here In USA when we visit restaurant and hotels we use fork and knife, because food with curry only available in the restaurants run by desi people. So we feel no problem using knife and fork.  I always eat rice (biryani etc) with spoon and a fork for support to fill the spoon with rice.  

    Regarding soup I agree with what you have suggested.

    • Shukriya Mishaikh Sahib! I drink my soup holding the bowl in both hands especially during cold weather. It brings warm to my palms. I enjoy eating broast  chicken with my hand. Thanks for your  nice comment.

  • It is a nice topic

    For me I grew up in a humble family so I am familiar with traditional dishes that we eat in the same way as old Moroccans do ^^: no fork no spoon no knife ^^ ( we use spoon in couscous and some dishes) I think you understand what I am saying since you visited Morocco more than once. Yes, of course. We have to respect others when eating.

    • Shookran bizzaf Youssef! Using your hand when eating has many benefits. Each mouthful will be under control. its size can also be measured. Satisfaction can be  reached easily. Thanks, Youssef for your nice comment.  

  • nice post

    • Valo achi tumi, Md. Hasibul Hassan Khan! Teeka assay. Thanks for your comment on the topic. 

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