English Group (For Girls)

Hello everyone,I'm Rana, Libyan girl!I'm looking forward to make a group on Skype for Girls, to practice and improve our English all together!So if you are interested write you Skype ID below and I will add you :)Have a nive day everyone! (:

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  • Hi Rana, i'm a Libyan girl too, so i guess we certainly have something in common, my name is Rodina and i hope to get to know each other soon.
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    • The Group is just for Girls, Sorry!

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    • I've added you!

  • Hi... Rana... First of all please accept my best wishes to you for a nice idea to form a group to improve the English language.

    But one small suggestion when you are learning some thing like a language... if you  practice with both the  gender the fear can be avoided...

    This is only my personal suggestion.

    Anyway all the best for the initiative..


    • May I say something on this matter.

      I believed this is not a matter of fear to talk to the other gender. This is a matter of some of these girls are not allowed or not given permission to talk to the other gender. And I believed we have to respect their decisions just to talk with girls, for what ever their reasons.

      Dear Rana and all girls, Good luck :-)


    • This's the Point.!! Thankyou.. Hope everyone gets it and understands that not all the girls can talk with everyone!

      Thanks again! :)

    • No... No... I do not think that.... Now a days all the girls are giving all the permission to talk anywhere... secondly we all are giving our fullest respect for their decision.  

      when I was in the class sometime back... even gents were fearing to talk before the girl because they do not want to make any mistake before other gender even thought they know the subject.  Basically we need to clear the fear during speaking...  

      That was my personal opinion only...  

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    • I've added you! :)

  • Have a NICE* day everyone =)))

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