It is just an evil dude. I used to like Dracula. When I watched that creation of Bram Stoker, the Irish writer. There was no real sleep for me for many days. I used to bring my bed close to my grandfather's bed. His wife's advice was to stop watching such devilish films. Do you like horror movies and especially, Dracula? Who is the famous actor who portrayed that role? Was he Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, or Vincent Price?

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  • I never watched Dracula. But I hav heard about him.He is a amazing man /bat with 2 cute teeth. I lov to meet and talk him.. I have heard that he sleeps in a coffin. I think he is comfortable with that. Anyway I lov to see him that he is handsome or not..  Shooooi.... dara what a interesting topic. I love it... Dracula..taller one..^-^^-^.

    • Hanyatam Keshala! Dracula is very handsome, but from the inside, he is a devil. He gives me the creeps. I am a man, but I still feel that terrifying way when he sticks out those two front teeth of his. The most amazing thing is I like him. This is unbelievable, my dear respected teacher. I am afraid of him and at the same time, I like him. Strange, isn't it? Thanks, Keshala for your comment on Dracula.   

  • I kind like , i don't like Dracula ,the blood sucker movies i like is twilight

    • Bas Dracula mukheef wa ana bakhaf minu ya Abdalla! Believe me, Abdulla, the first time I saw that movie, I could not sleep. Thanks, Abdulla for your comment.   

  • Ah uh. Not a horror movie fan here. However it's good to know there are things which keep you awake at night sometimes wandering in a different realm.

    • Manoj, main gulti samajgia. Matlab, aap pasand nahi. Excuse my broken Hindi. I thought that you like horror movies. Let me tell you this, we have enough horror already. Coronavirus is doing that. Thanks, Manoj for your comment on Dracula. 

  • hi i don't like Horror movies they are so useless!!!! i have just ssy useless it is true even trough i have seen several movies of this kind. i prefer watching adventure History scince-fiction and so on  

    • Siamo diversi Andrea! Last night I had a cold and fever. I told my wife that I wanted to see that horror movie to forget my sickness. It was by the name of "The Wrong House". I had Flutap and Panadol tablets. I was watching and the suspense kept me tense and rigid. I forgot part of my flue and then the effect of the drug took place and then, I fell asleep. It is very strange that Italian people love horror movies. Do you know that the famous Italian director, Dario Argento was the master of horror? Thanks, Andrea for your frank comment. 

  • I'm a fan of horror movies, It's not mean I'm not fearless. I just like the feeling the movie bring that I don't have in daily life. But I prefer Ghost movie to Zombie or Dracula movie. The only movie I watch related to Dracula is Twilight but it seems a romantic film. The newest horror movie I watched is "Doctor sleep".

    •  Cam on Thuy Tran va chao mung! Oh my God! You are a fan of horror movies! You seem like your previous commentator, Mr. Ralph David Craft. He told me that he enjoyed watching Dracula and the werewolf movies. The twilight saga is romantic. Thuy, if you like ghost movies, it means that you are not afraid of ghosts, are you? Thanks for your nice comment on Dracula.

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