It is just an evil dude. I used to like Dracula. When I watched that creation of Bram Stoker, the Irish writer. There was no real sleep for me for many days. I used to bring my bed close to my grandfather's bed. His wife's advice was to stop watching such devilish films. Do you like horror movies and especially, Dracula? Who is the famous actor who portrayed that role? Was he Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, or Vincent Price?

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    • Shookrun ya Haya, bas ana ahib Dracula! I like Dracula and I am afraid of him at the same time. You see, it is a kind of a knot as they say! Thanks for your comment!

  • I did see Drácula of Bram Stoker, but I don´t feel afraid at all. For be honest, the movie that made nightmares when I was younger was The Exorcist. That movie really scare me a lot by then and I couldn´t sleep well for weeks, and I avoid to watch it now because is still being freacking to me. Actually, I don´t like to see horror movies because I feel weird sensations and I rather drama movies the most. And that´s happens because I had experiences with supernatural events and I rather don´t to think about it. I think I am going to post something about supernatural events just for curiosity, and I hope if I read the comments I sleep well.

    • Hahahahah! Muchas gracias senior Julio! Me gusta eso. Lol! Your comments are always unique, Mr. Julio. I think you are a pragmatic man. You like to put dots on the letters. That is an Arabic saying. Our language has many dots over the letters and sometimes beneath them. The English letters do not have many dots on them, only one or two. Julio, I have not met you in person but I think you are a real gentleman. People like you are never afraid. Thanks for your wise and nice comment. I will wait for your post about the supernatural. Thanks again. 

    • Thanks for the comment dara gino.


    • De nada meu amigo Julio! No problem at all!

  • Me gushta vampiro, Ishtar! I like vampires and I like those who like vampires. Try to watch it some day, not now at least. Coronavirus is doing the job at the moment. Where have you been, Ishtar?  Please, be safe. Thanks for your comment on Dracula. 

  • I haven't watched the movies, so I don't know. But I like reading books about vampires, and other horror and mistery books.
    Dracula is an interesting story, it kind of "brings you there" with Stocker's narrative.
    I guess my favorite vampire is Polidori's, but Carmilla is very interesting, too.
    But my favorite story about vampires is Ann Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

    • Senioras  encatadoras no se  supone que! Lovely ladies are not supposed to watch horror movies. Ishtar, I am afraid of vampires a lot. Those men and women who suck the blood of others to continue living.  Sorry, Ishtar for my late reply. Thanks for your point of view. 

  • I hate to watch horror movies. Actualy I don't understand why someone love that sort of movies. Do everyone think it has some things  making you interested of. I don't see any thing we can take from those. I always change TV Chanel everytime those movie display on. Because they will obsess me for along time. I wish they will not make them any more. they are really not good for chilldren at all.

    Have nice day everyone.

    • Saya setuju dengan kamu, viethung! Tetapi mangapa? Certainly, I agree with the last sentence you have written there. Children are not allowed to watch those kinds of movies. My wife was very angry with me because I let my sons watch horror movies. She scolded me and went to say that I lost my mind. Would you believe me if I told you that I am afraid of Dracula? Thanks, Viethung for your wise comment on Dracula.

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