• Do you want to "find out if reincarnation is true" asking people here? 

    Okay... good luck!


  • There are many books about reincarnation by people who say they have visited the place after death and reincarnated. I see no good reason why people should reincarnate. To me, it seems wishful thinking by people who are afraid to face the fact that death is the end.

    Like everyone else, I don't know the truth, but I highly suspect that reincarnation is a human invention like religion.

  • Nobody can have this kind of experience... In cinema we can see and enjoy ... this is an imagination one only....

  • This topic is very interesting . In China , there is a proverb means " earlier you die , earlier you will reincarnate " this proverb is for the people who are suffering from illness that is hopelessly to cure .but for me , I have no idea about that because human being is too weak for the whole world to recognize all of the things happen to this world .my point is maybe it. (Reincarnation ) is true , maybe not .
  • reincarnation this term, i think it maybe applied to animals but to human, i guess that all religions and laws ban this thing .

  • I've heard many things, watch several movies and read some books about reincarnation but really I can't believe it %100, I meant I can't believe it absolutely . . . U know it's our feature, most of time we can't believe things which r not infront of our eyes... 

  • Reincarnation - Rebirth.....Nobody can tell/explain.....

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